Who We Are

Chef Daniele Sebastiani


Daniele has been passionate about cooking from a very early age. After making a birthday cake at the age of 5 and seeing how much everyone enjoyed it, cooking was all he wanted to do.

Attending the Assisi cookery school was the first of many personal and work-related challenges and he constantly strives for improvement.

With a burning desire to travel came work experience abroad, including in London, Berlin and Barcelona, and the development of new ideas and further skills.

Daniel has one goal in his restaurant – to make people feel relaxed and pampered in a comfortable environment, with good food and drink.

Our philosophy

Our guests can enjoy fresh, tasty food when they come to dine here. Freshness and quality is essential and we are always on the lookout for excellent ingredients. In particular, we only use seasonal fruit and vegetables from a local farm.

Safety and awareness is fundamental to everything we make and serve in the restaurant – from bread and pasta to ice cream and conserves.

We also offer a gluten free menu.

Our products

Homemade bread

In addition to bread, (allowed to rise for 24 hours), we make breadsticks and a variety of sandwiches.

The same products are available gluten free.


In order to be able to use tasty tomatoes or delicious fruit during the winter when everything is out of season, we decided to make our own preserves – prepared during the peak season when flavours are at their best.


Pasta is one of those basic foods with endless possible combinations of filling and sauces. This gives us plenty of creative opportunities whilst maintaining Umbrian tradition.


We decided to offer fish dishes only after finding a supplier who could ensure good quality fish.

Generally we use freshly caught fish, (rather than farmed), from various vendors and as such the menu will vary accordingly depending on the catch of the day.

Our fish comes from both the Tyrrhenian sea and the Adriatic thus giving more choice.